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Erectile Dysfunction
Men who cannot get a full erection ¾ of the time they want one.  30% of men with Erectile Dysfunction it is due to low testosterone.  Other causes are vascular or physiological problems. 
Primary Problems

You cannot get a full erection when you want one.
  • You are incapable of penetrating your partner during sex at all or long enough to achieve wanted sexual activity or satisfaction.You are incapable of penetrating your partner during sex at all or long enough to achieve wanted sexual activity or satisfaction. 
  • When you seek help, your doctor’s first thought is to tell you that your ED is due to
    • Vacular problems, and sends you on your way with a prescription for Viagra without diagnosing and treating the real problem.
    • Physhological problems and advises you to see a psychiatrist where you spend wasted money, and a great deal of time only to not get a solution to your problem.
    • Some doctors don’t know about the low testosterone connection, and the ones who do wants to rule out Vascular, and Phychological problems before testing you for low testosterone.Some doctors don’t know about the low testosterone connection, and the ones who do wants to rule out Vascular, and Phychological problems before testing you for low testosterone. 

Common ED patient complaints:

  • If your doctor will not diagnose your testosterone deficiency – you have to carry Viagra with you always, or not be able to participate in spontaneous sex.  Sex for you has to be planned. Viagra will work if you have ED, but you are not fixing the ED issue or all the other problems that come from low testosterone. 
  • If you do use Viagra – each time you want to experienced sex, you also have to experience the possible side effects of dizziness,  headaches, flushing, which all take away some of the pleasure from the sexual experience. 
  • You are made to feel like your problem is due to a unhealthy mental state so you either waste time and money to see a psychiatrist – who ends up telling you that you are fine and they prescribe for you Viagra - - -or you stop pursuing a normal life and live with the sexual malfunction.
  • You shy away from sexual activity because you are afraid you will not live up to you or your partners expectations. 
  • When you are in a sexual situation you get embarrassed or feel demasculinated because you often “cannot get it up.” 
  • You feel bad for your partner because you cannot please them sexually like a man who has a normal functioning penis.
  • While in a romantic situation you have to pull your partners hands away from your crotch, or move into a different position to hide the fact that your penis is soft. 
  • When you get in a romantic situation you often make up an excuse not to have sex like a headache or you are saving yourself for marriage because you know you cannot get an erection. 
  • Sex for you becomes a guilt riddled activity where you learn that you have to replace your penis as a sex toy with fingers, mouth, or objects that you buy at a store.
  • You probably give up on a sexual relationship way earlier than most.
  • Every time your friends talk about sex and activities you go along and make up stories.  These type of social interactions only make you feel more inadequate.
  • You wish you had the sexual abilities to go along with your desire to be a like the many sexual dynamos on movies or TV.
  • If you are gay, you become a bottom whether you want to or not, just to be able to please your partner sexually. 
  • If you do buy toys, you have to hide them from being found because you don’t want to be seen as one that has to use dildoes etc. This is especially embarrassing if you are a straight male.
  • You often get depressed because you cannot live up to your dreams of a “Great Catch” to your sexual partners.  You often end up choosing a less satisfying life partner because you don’t feel that you can win the affections of those who can choose a partner who “has it all.”
  • You often wonder what it would be like to be able to satisfy a partner like the male romantics you see on TV or Movies.  You often wish you were them.
  • You see someone you really like, but shy away from pursuing the relationship beyond friends because the thought of them rejecting you, or feeling bad for you because your penis cannot get hard is something you would rather not go through.
  • You seem to have everything else going for you, yet you don’t date much and people wonder what is wrong with you.  You make up excuses that you are working harder and are not interested when in reality you long for a healthy fun relationship.
  • Your lack of sexual abilities is standing in the way of you achieving what you want in life.
  • You don’t date anyone within your social group because you don’t want it to get around that you are impotent.
  • You are often lonely and resort to on-line fantasies or porn to satisfy your sexual cravings.
  • For some people who are left to feel that they are inadequate, there is a risk of you turning to self punishment or punishment by others because it is your fault that you cannot get it up, or have a little dick.

Some or all of these things are because you have low testosterone – and doctors are not willing to take the time to see the ramifications because they are normal and cannot understand what you are going through.

How Testosterone can help
Testosterone shifts fat mass to lean mass. You can lose inches on your waist without even dieting. Your energy and interest in working out seems to have returned. You no longer fall asleep after dinner. It becomes easier to lose weight and lift weights and you see results after only 4 months.

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