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Farmers Who Used Pesticides

Situation:  Farmers are forced to use many pesticides to control their crop production. Oftentimes they don’t take the necessary precautions to protect themselves and the farm animals from absorbing the chemicals.

Unwanted Problem: Feeding livestock with crops sprayed with  toxic chemicals permits them to become embedded in animal fat that can damage not only our normal reproductive health but also cause hormone-related cancers. The combined action of estrogens, dioxins, PCBs, and heavy metals like lead, uranium and mercury, concentrated in our bodies, is at first subtle, but eventually deadly. For example, increased levels of PCBs and dioxin residues in animal fats greatly interfere in brain and immune function of higher mammals, creating birth defects, sexual abnormalities undermining human future.

Implications to that problem:
The poisons that contaminate the animal products we consume cannot be removed unless we change the way animals are fed. Commercially produced meat is not only lacking in healthy components, but is tainted with steroids such as bovine growth hormone (BGH) and estrogen-like mimics.Farmed meat is not a healthy food any longer. Rising levels of cholesterol and dioxin residues in the animal’s fats interfere with our bodies’ ability to control our blood sugar and our weight.

The high fat actually damages the lining of blood vessels creating high blood pressure, memory loss, hormonal imbalance. Meat substitutes such as soy, eggs, whey, seeds, and nuts deliver a much higher-quality protein and provide a convenient alternative. In addition, whole grains such as rye, oats, quinoa, and legumes like amaranth, lentils, and beans are healthier, cheaper, cleaner and easier to digest than meat. When prepared properly they taste better too.

How Testosterone can help 
Testosterone supplementation restores hormone levels to normal and offsets the high estrogenic effects induced by the consumption of pesticide and herbicide chemicals  in the diet. Improved cognitive function, sexual drive, energy and sleep.

There is no way to eliminate the toxins that have already accumulated so preventing the accumulation of more poison by changing your diet  is quite helpful. . Our diet makes us fat because we eat more food than we need and because the food we eat has too much fat in it. More than half our calories come from fat instead of the thirty percent recommended for good health by the Nutritional Council of America and their Food Pyramid. We don’t have to go on eating like this. Fatty fast foods need to give way to delicious and healthier slow foods.

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