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Young Men with Hypogonadism

These are men who know something is wrong with them but don’t know what it is. They complain of mutliple non-specific symptoms. In hypogonadal men, (free testosterone< 50 pg/ml in serum or <60pg/ml in saliva) or total testosterone is under 300 ng/dl measured in the morning.

Unwanted Problem
Do you feel extreme tiredness even with adequate sleep? Have you noticed more frequent memory loss over simple things that you should know, including short term memory?  Do you have a loss of libido, or  general loss of drive in everyday life? Do you feel as if you are not living up to your potential? Have you noticed a recent accumulation of belly fat and weight gain? Do you  feel sortof depressed and slowed down? Have you lost the desire for regular sex?

Implications to that problem
You may need an antidepressant ( Wellbutrin is recommended). You may find erections enhancers like Viagra, Levitra or Cialis do not always work. Your spouse thinks something is wrong with you.

Can Testosterone help?  Possible benefits include

  1. More strength and energy.
  2. Improved well being.
  3. Greater libido.
  4. Improved sexual performance.
  5. Improved muscle mass and growth of phallus.
  6. Lowered cardiovascular risk.
  7. Decrease in cancer risk.
  8. Decrease in diabetes risk.
  9. Improved mood and outlook.
  10. Increased focus and concentration.
How Testosterone can help

Testosterone shifts fat mass to lean mass. You can lose inches on your waist without even dieting. Your energy and interest in working out seems to have returned. You no longer fall asleep after dinner. It becomes easier to lose weight and lift weights and you see results after only 4 months.

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