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Is This You?

How does Testocreme® compare to Steroids?

Trying to improve one’s body image is not necessarily bad, however, sexual activity throughout life, all of life, should be just as important as building muscle or having a great body. Have you ever wondered how steroids actually work? Anabolic steroids shift the nitrogen balance to the positive side for better utilization of ingested protein, as well as increasing the body’s retention of nitrogen. This temporary effect requires a high-protein diet to help the body build-up muscle tissue.

The formation of a steroid-receptor complex in the skeletal muscle stimulates the RNA-polymerase system, which, in turn, increases protein synthesis in cells. This may sound complicated, but think of steroids as providing muscle cells with enough protein so that they can grow, doubling or even tripling in size in response to weight lifting.

The scientific explanation of testosterone effects involves these same muscle hormone receptors. These are the sites where testosterone attaches in order to exert is effects.  Receptors are of two types, either muscle building (anabolic) or muscle breakdown (catabolic).  Anabolic androgenic steroids work by preventing catabolism or muscle breakdown.

The accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles, which is the result of metabolism and hard work, causes muscle aching. The pain a bodybuilder feels in his muscles after working out hard is a sign of this process. This is the reason why gym rats believe the “No pain, no gain principal”.

AAS or  steroids not only build bigger muscles, but they can also speed up recovery.  European athletes use far more anabolic steroids than Americans. The annual consumption of anabolic steroids by athletes in Denmark, for example, is estimated to be two million daily doses. Beside the well-known side effects of anabolic steroids, new problems and risks have been reported as a result of the use of counterfeit drugs sold on the black market.

About forty different “anabolic steroids” purchased on the black market were evaluated using gas chromatography analysis to determine the actual pharmacological content. Scientists found that fifteen (37.5%) of these sample drugs contained different pharmacological compounds than what was indicated on the label.  In other words, though labeled as “Sustanon 250”,  in reality, some of these samples turned out to be cortisone or veterinary testosterone that was intended for horses.  From the external packaging, however, the difference between original and the fake drugs was impossible to disce.

Even though anabolic steroids were added to the International Olympic Committee’s list of banned substances in 1975, athletes will in all likelihood continue to use steroids to help themselves win contests by cheating.  Steroids have become increasingly popular among athletes even at the sub-competitive or recreational levels, in spite of extensive doping tests, educational campaigns and lethal incidents. Steroid users will likely persist in holding the view that the effects of these drugs are beneficial and they are unlikely to be persuaded to reduce or even abstain from their use. But what if they had an alternative? 

Testosterone for the treatment of a deficiency is made available by several pharmaceutical companies with approval from the Federal Drug Administration (FDA).  Until recently the FDA had created an artificial testosterone shortage in order to discourage the abuse of injectable testosterone and to regulate inventories.

Male hormone or androgenic effects are masculinizing. They include a deeper voice for dominance, increased body and facial hair, a stronger sexual drive or libido and the secretion of pheromones accompanied by a high volume of sperm production. This matcho effect can drive some women crazy!

Anabolic or bodybuilding effects include: muscular development, increased strength of tendons and ligaments, an increase in lean body mass over fat mass, high bone density and the strengthening of heart muscle. Testosterone has both anabolic and androgenic effects or an anaboic/androgenic ratio of 1 to 1.  All forms of testosterone have the same ratio except for DHT or dihydrotestosterone, the natural metabolite of testosterone. DHT is four times as anabolic as testosterone (A/A ratio of 4 to 1).

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