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Men who know something is wrong
Men who know something is wrong but their doctor says everything is ok.
You go to your doctor because of fatigue, low libido, decreased sexual performance, premature ejaculation, difficulty in keeping an erection, loss of sense of well being, decreased strength. Your family doctor doesn’t have a clue.

Implications to your hormones
You were certain it was hormones. You beg your doctor to check it and he finds that your total testosterone, which had always been at the top of the charts, dropped to about 500. At the same time your estrogen level was at the top of what is considered normal.  You are experiencing flushing, anxiety, a lack of concentration, some depression, NO erections or libido, more weight gain than  you want and in general,  no interest in anything.

Your doctor tells you that total T of  500 is completely normal and there is nothing wrong with you. You are just getting old. Maybe you need more sleep. Maybe you should find a younger woman who can stimulate you more?

You feel totally frustrated by the entire medical profession and feel like going online and finding your own hormones and using them. Hormones are powerful and you never went to medical school. You have second thoughts……

How Testosterone Can Help
Testosterone travels through the body in several forms. The total testosterone is bound to a protein called SHBG making it unavailable to your system. The bioavailable testosterone is about 60% of the total and is only weakly bound to a protein carrier that moves it throughout your body. However, it is the free testosterone which totally availble to your glands and it is only about 1% of the total. How can such a small amount, measured in billionths of a gram have such profound effects?

Your doctor gives you Testocreme and you notice more fullness in  your penis, which makes you and  your wife much happier. You feel much more positive mentally  and physically and your memory is even improving. You are finally working on losing weight and overall you feel much better.


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