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Older Men With Hypogonadism

These are men who know something is wrong with them but don’t know what it is. They complain of in hypogonadal men, (free T < 50 pg/ml in serum or <60pg/ml in saliva) or total testosterone under 300 ng/dl measured on three occasions,in the morning.

Unwanted Problem
Unable to get or keep an erection adequate for penetration. Worried about performance in the bedroom. Masturbating takes forever to ejaculate. No more morning or spontaneous sleep-related erections.

Implications to that problem
Frustrated having sex with wife or partner. Using erections enhancers like Viagra or Cialis does not always work. Wondering if your sex drive is a factor since masturbating also seems more difficult. Takes much longer to get to a point where you can finally ejaculate, but your penis does not stay hard the entire time. Getting depressed about losing their manhood. Going to look at porn more often to get aroused.

How Testosterone can help
Penis becomes more sensitive. Suddenly any random thought or attraction gets your penis stirring. Notice that your morning erections are firm like they used to be. Not having to use a drug to get and keep your erections. Pleasing your partner after years of arguments and marital spats.
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