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Overweight Men

You look pregnant when you see yourself in the mirror sideways. Your doctor says you have to lose weight or you could have a heart attack or get diabetes. You are round and have fat everywhere, especially around your belly.

Unwanted Problem
It is hard to tie your shoes, and your pants don’t fit, even if you slide them down to your hips. You take up two seats on the airplane. You get hot and sweaty walking up the stairs or on the uphill streets of San Francicso. You cannot even see your penis when you go to the bathroom. You can no longer suck in your gut. You notice your breasts are bigger than your wife or girlfriend. Your fridge is full of ice cream and chocolate so it does not melt before you eat it. Your wife is pushing you in bed to stop you from snoring.

Implications to that problem
Your penis seems to be shrinking and disappearing into your body. You get rashes in the folds of your skin and you find yourself eating more than you want. No matter how much you exercise you seem to be unable to lose a pound. Your doctor is concerned about your weight and uses the word “obese” to describe you. Your blood pressure is up and your medications don’t seem to work.  Sleep apnea can make you fatter and cause daytime sleepiness and diabetes.

How Testosterone can help
Testosterone shifts fat mass to lean mass. You can lose inches on your waist without even dieting. Your energy and interest in working out seems to have returned. You no longer fall asleep after dinner. It becomes easier to lose weight and lift weights and you see results after only 4 months.
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