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Post Anabolic Steroid Users

Men who used injectable testosterone or oral anabolic steroids in the past either as a teen, young man or at any time in their past. They did not obtain them from a doctor and bought them online or from someone at the gym. Now they come in and complain they cannot get an erection and seem to have lost all desire for sex.

Unwanted Problem
I tell some of them that they have premature  heart  disease due to increased levels of bad cholesterol. Your  Liver may be damaged from Oral steroids which are difficult for the liver to metabolize. Your biceps tendon ruptures because although steroids can make muscles bigger and heavier, the tendons stay the same, creating risk of rupture during exercise.

Implications to that problem
Chronic heavy use can disrupt the body's natural hormone production and regulatory system. Men can become feminized, women masculinized. In children and teenagers, some performance-boosters can stunt growth. Your body uses feedback loops to control production when hormone levels get too high. That is why hormone supplements can have unexpected effects, sometimes persisting long after the drug use is stopped. Sometimes the problems don’t occur for years afterwards.

How testosterone can help
If you have suffered these effects, as a former steroid user, you will  now continue on long-term testosterone replacement to preserve your male body traits, having burned out your own hormone production system.

Part of the way steroids work is by promoting faster muscle healing. That's important even without an injury; athletic training is all about breaking down and rebuilding muscle tissue.

Studies show the drugs really do help add lean muscle when used along with a high-protein diet and vigorous training. One patient even tried a rub-on steroid cream on his own torn leg muscle after a skiing accident, hoping to recover in time for a long-planned family vacation.
"They told me it would take six months to be skiing again, and I had a
vacation scheduled in six weeks. So I used it locally, and in fact I was
skiing in six weeks. I thought it was worth a try, but to me, that's
different than using it to improve my contract with the Yankees, or even
to improve my skiing," he said.

How Testosterone can help
Testosterone shifts fat mass to lean mass. You can lose inches on your waist without even dieting. Your energy and interest in working out seems to have returned. You no longer fall asleep after dinner. It becomes easier to lose weight and lift weights and you see results after only 4 months.

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