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You Have a Small Penis

Men who feel inadequate sexually because they see that their penis is smaller than others in the shower. They feel inadequate when they are soft or flacid, but the average penis is only 5.5 “ in the erect stage. It is possible for a man's penis to grow after puberty.  It can grow even in adulthood if he has been hypogonadal with low testosterone his entire life. Hypogonadism (a testosterone deficiency) can results in micropenis––a penis less than 3.5 "in length when erect or stretched in adult men.

Unwanted Problem
Men who have large penises show a rapid conversion of free Testosterone to dihydrotestosterone or DHT as measured by T/DHT ratio in blood. Rapid conversion is a genetic trait indicated by amplified maleness early in life: increased body and beard hair, increased musculature, early male pattern baldness, short height (<5'8") and increased penile girth (>3.5") with length (>7"). A very strong sex drive, increased masturbatory frequency and early puberty, are all associated with higher testosterone levels. Men with small penises want these problems. Otherwise they tend to be shy in forming relationships and don’t like to take off their underwear in the bedroom. Sometimes they try to build up their body to compensate.

Implications to that problem
Research indicates that even in an adults , penis growth is still possible with topical hormone application resulting in stimulation of the androgen in the  corpus cavernosa, the blood filled cavities along the shaft of the male penis. It depends on whether the penis has completed its growth prior to puberty. Surgery for penis enlargement is not approved and often results in a deformed penis which does not get erect.

How Testosterone can help
Testosterone cream has been found effective in increasing the penis size in research with prepubertal boys with micropenis. Testosterone influences penile growth, possibly as a result of expansion of the shaft through the action of androgen receptors in the body of the shaft. In some men using a testosterone cream, they have reported growth in length and girth in the soft stage since more blood stays in the penis.

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