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Substance Abuser
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Substance Abusers

Substance Abusers : Coffee, cigarettes, alcohol and marijuana. Plus Morphine and opioid abusers.

Primary Problems
You cannot get a full erection when you want one since using the abused drug.

You have developed both tolerance and withdrawal and cannot stop your addiction. IT is interfering in your job, your social life and your sexual performance.

Common Complaints
You can’t get the day started without a hit off a cigarette, a joint or a jolt of coffee or a drink or a pill. Day drags by until you can get your drug again. Everything in between seems to be a blur.

Since taking narcotics for pain, you notice that your sex drive is gone or diminished and you cannot perform in bed.

You keep drinking but don’t seem to get drunk and you notice you feel sexy but cannot get an erection if you want one.

Your cigarette is in your mouth and lit every hour even if you are not sure how it got there. As long as you keep taking puffs,  you feel focused and not hungry.

You roll a joint for the next day even though you are still puffing on one every few hours.

Your doctor says your testosterone levels are normal but you still have no function.

How Testosterone can help
Testosterone shifts fat mass to lean mass. You can lose inches on your waist without even dieting. Your energy and interest in working out seems to have returned. You no longer fall asleep after dinner. It becomes easier to lose weight and lift weights and you see results after only 4 months.

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