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Success Stories

Testimonial from Chad Hawker, winner of Half Ironman  six years in a row and now retired in Carmel Valley:
In 1999, Dr. Abraham Kryger not only saved my life he helped me become one of the best long distance triathlete’s in the world. It was due to Dr. Kryger’s incredible knowledge and compassion that he was able to finally piece together a series of health concerns and finally diagnose the fact that I had a pituitary adenoma. Within 1 year after diagnosis, surgery to remove the tumor, and recovery…I was not only competing against the best in the sport of triathlon…but winning. A big part of that recovery with Testocreme. I used Testocreme for about a year following my surgery to aid my body in learning how to produce its own testosterone and thus maintain normal levels. Furthermore, during this time it helped wonders with my recovery and strength. Not only is Dr. Kryger a wonderful doctor…he is a brilliant man that has created a very special safe product that I am certain will help many.
Chad Hawker He has given permission for athletes to contact him and link to his website.

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Michael Chandler, California contractor: 
I was in a business that had multiple small elements that constantly bombarded me and challenged my organizational skills. The effects was much like dumping a bunch of Lego blocks on the floor and trying to make sense of all the small pieces. The net result of using Testocreme, even after a short period of time,  was the focusing of my cognitive abilities. Today, I find it easier to organize and focus and prioritize and  I have the energy to execute.
Mike Chandler, RCC Construction.

Rob Cooper, The Second Strongest Man in the World

Will H., 25 from UC Davis in California

Roger, David, Chad, Adam, Zane

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